Power Circles

Red Pencil Mentoring Power Circles Program
Join a Red Pencil Power Circle and take your career to the next level!
Are you a woman who wants to express the truth and uniqueness of who you are?
Are you a solo-entrepreneur longing for more contact with other powerful women executives and entrepreneurs dedicated to leading with intention and mindfulness?
Are you an executive-entrepreneur who wants more peer support from other successful women who are not afraid to be real?
Are you thinking of making a change from a full-time position to starting your own business, but lack the resources, know-how, and professional advisers needed to take this courageous step?
Are you an entrepreneur ready to scale your business and want contact with role models who have blazed the trails ahead of you?

Join your tribe
4 Months Circles:
For 4 months, your Power Circle will meet every month for 2 hours per week guided by a facilitator taking the group through transformational themes designed for diving deep into your inner experience and your process of emergence.

In-Person Circles:

For 6 months, your Power Circle will meet every month. The Red Pencil Power Circles provide you with intimate and unique opportunities to better position yourself on the job, enhance your career skills and network with peers. Each circle is guided by a facilitator at a pre-determined location. When possible and as registrations allow, in-person Power Circles are offered in Geelong, Melbourne, and Adelaide. Circles will be added in other cities as demand calls. Don’t miss out on this fantastic opportunity!

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