Red Pencil VIP Days

What is a VIP Day?
Red Pencil Consulting hosts a VIP Day one Saturday a month. A VIP day is an intensive one-day workshop on topics that will be life changing to you. Just one intensive day spent on a VIP Day will allow you to come out on the other side feeling hopeful, more confident and empowered, with renewed optimism about life. You will leave the VIP Day with the necessary tools to initiate the life changing experience you are looking for.
Each VIP Day will deal intensively with one topic which will be essential to your empowerment

Dates for our VIP Days

Working through Change
We live in a world where change has become the one constant. There are people going through:
•    The process of getting a divorce,
•    Caring for a parent or sick child,
•    Have recently lost a job,
•    Are making financial changes or
•    Want to start a new business or relationship.

We will cover and work through a step by step process to manage the emotional roller coaster when going through change, giving you the tools to work your way through it with less fear and anxiety.

Become Unstoppable!
At our Red Pencil VIP Days, you will find the inspiration and the courage to follow your instincts and create a fully aligned life. This event is intense, it’s about giving you the tools, inspiration, and network to create success on your own terms. We don’t just talk the talk, but we walk the walk with you, keeping you accountable all the way!!
Successful women don’t just take the right steps, they do more than that:
•    They think differently in the face of challenges and opportunities.
•    They set goals differently
•    They make decisions differently.
•    They bounce back from failure and adversity differently.

And because of this, they get bigger results with more confidence than the average woman.

Dynamic Women Go All Out
Are your efforts valued and recognised at your workplace? Are you feeling a rising power inside of you that you feel must be expressed? Do you have a strong desire to clearly articulate the truth of who you are?
What do Dynamic women want?  
•    Strong supportive mentors
•    More opportunity to hold positions of power
•    They want their voices to be heard!
•    They want to be paid fairly with equal pay

Join me to unpack and help you through the next step in your career, armed with the right tools and attitude, the sky is the limit.

Please note that there are limited spaces, don’t miss this opportunity, book now!

Looking forward to seeing you there!

To RSVP, email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..
Cost of the day $350 including cause materials, tools and lunch!

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