Corporate Opportunities

The biggest competitive advantages a business or organisation can develop is its culture, customer service and a brand that delivers on its promises. Great leadership and happy staff. It cannot be replicated. Red Pencil consulting is passionate about creating and helping companies and businesses create inspiring workplaces embracing all of these aspects.

Red Pencil Consulting focuses on four core aspects of your business. We will take a journey with our clients in discovering and creating inspiring:
•    Creative Corporate Cultures – Believing and living their own slogan
•    Client Centricity - Unleash the excellence within their teams by offering and serving their clients with impeccable service
•    Passionate Brands -  Delivering on every promise they make with quality and integrity 


Culture – Believe in your own slogan
•    Are you being outperformed in your category of business?
•    Do you have high turnover in key positions?
•    Are your employees and/customer not happy?
•    Is your financial performance shaky or declining?
•    Or do you need to go from good to great?
At Red Pencil Consulting:
•    We will develop your Values Blueprint and put it into action.
•    Look at why “living the values” is the first principle in leading people successfully. Go through intensive step by step values discovery and implementation workshops
•    We will explore the avenues of how to exceed the expectation of employees and customers by living the values
•    Show you the essential skills to hire, fire and reward people based on values
•    We will then establish a discipline for sustaining a value-centric culture
•    Create an outstanding brand and train staff members on the delivery of your brand promises
•    Supply you with the relevant workshops, tools and training for ongoing maintenance of your culture.


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