Group Mentoring Programs

I love groups because they are supportive, joyful, and hotbeds of connection and learning.  There’s a sense of boosted motivation in knowing that other amazing women are working through the same process as you are.  Committing yourself to change and forward movement is easier within a group setting. With group mentoring, you get a tight knit community in which to share struggles, celebrate wins, and be held accountable.

I provide the tools, knowledge, and network to help women lead, start and grow their businesses and careers in a way that integrates core values and leads them to connect and collaboration.
Red Pencil Consulting provides a platform for leaders, career women and entrepreneurs to come together to explore and express their inner truths.
Groups are small, dynamic and focused to succeed in what we have set out to achieve.
Everyone gets one-on-one attention.
No hiding in the corner —We’ve got your back, no need to be nervous.

Commitment for 3 months includes:
•    Monthly group sessions
•    A step by step 90-day plan to get you focused
•    Accountability calls and email updates
•    4-month Red Pencil Power Circle access
•    Monthly Workshops
•    Three One on One sessions
•    Dynamic personal and business tools
•    Ongoing updates for 3 months
•    Invitations to panel discussions
•    Invitations to annual conferences
•    6 months’ free online membership

Course Price: $ 1950

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