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Self-Development - Finding the true essence of who you are
We partner together working intensely and personally to help navigate a BIG transition in your life with clarity, courage, and voracious action……With less anxiety and self-sabotage, focusing on your personal needs and growth path, in business as well as personally. Although we have a structure, these sessions are personal and allow you to decide where you would like to take it.
What kind of future did you dream of when you were a little girl? Does your life today look anything like the one you’d hoped for? Or do you find yourself asking, “Where did the fun go? Where’s my joy? Is this it? Is this as good as it gets?”
Are you ready to wake up each morning bursting with enthusiasm? Would you like to feel excited, energized, and self-confident? Do you want a sense of balance and time each day to do things that matter to you?

Valuing who you are
Four Week program:
Week One
•    Identify your personality strengths, your values and purpose – the golden thread
•    What is challenging you from moving forward
•    Setting goals and achieving them
Week Two
•    Take the leap
•    Working on your confidence in believing in yourself
•    Create real change and stick to it
Week Three
•    Live a life of meaningful impact
•    General well-being as a woman
•    Tap into your feminine power
Week Four
•    Your first 90-day plan to your new life
•    Pamper day - before and after photoshoot


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