Managing your Morning Routine

Do you currently have a morning routine?

A few weeks back, I had a post on morning routines and thought it may add some value to share a few morning routines with you.

How you start your morning is important because it sets the tone for the rest of your day.

Having an early start at 5 am gives you a calm and quiet space to really get centered. Take this time and make it your power hour.

There are a few ways depending on your energy and whether you are a jump up and go kind of person or an easing it into the day kind of person.

My perfect morning routine when it happens starts at 5 am, I take a shower, it’s the most effective way to wake up and it does save a lot of time. Then off to my quiet space where I light one of my beautiful fragranced candles and make a cup of herbal tea. This is my time to meditate and gain direction and inspiration, a very spiritual time. I then do my exercises at 6:00 am. This allows me to have the most amazing morning before the day kicks in. At 7:00 am, I get myself and the family ready and the day begins.

If you’re a get up and go kind of person, you may decide on a more vigorous morning. Get up at 5:00 am and take a 3-minute cold shower. Have a cup of hot water with lemon and then dedicate 30 minutes of vigorous dancing, push-ups, skipping and on the spot walking. Move your body, make the bed, dress and eat. A great way to kick-start your morning.

5 Tips to set the tone for a great day:

  •  Create at least one golden moment for your day (smile at a stranger, give the gift of service, create a positive touch point.)
  •  Use positive language
  •  Choose your attitude
  •  Try something new
  • Have a laugh

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