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Career Stop Signs – When It’s Clear The Time Has Come To Make A Career Change

Have you ever thought of making a career change? Have you thought about where you are heading and how you are going to get there? Are you dreaming big and playing small or have you stopped dreaming all together because you’re stuck in a dead-end job?

We choose to stay in dead-end jobs because of insecurity. What would happen to “me” if I did leave my job? There’s the mortgage, bills to pay, health benefits, school fees and car payments, to say the least. But what we don’t realise is that the toxic environments that we sometimes work in eat away at us, impacting our behaviour, destroying our self-confidence, and causing unnecessary stress and anxiety. The truth of the matter is, if YOU don’t move, someone or something will help you along. Staying in an environment that is not conducive to you, will ultimately slow you down, affect your self-esteem and block your enthusiasm and creativity.

Here are 5 indicators that you need to make a career change:

You’re unenthusiastic to learn and have not been interested in what’s going on at work

You’re uninterested, frustrated and bored. There is not much that excites or challenges you mentally anymore. You feel that there is no room for growth any longer. You desperately feel that you need something new and exciting to push you because you’re tired of working on autopilot, you’ve become a clock watcher. Everything has become so monotones and you have stopped growing.

There’s a clash in values

There’s a misalignment between your values and those of the organisation. You’re not being true to yourself and you’re finding it difficult to voice your opinions, or you finding that you have to support ideas that go against what you believe in.

You’re downright burnt-out

You are constantly stressed out and the physical and mental signs are presenting in your behaviour with loved ones and friends at home. Just the thought of going to work makes you feel anxious, you’re constantly tired and unenthusiastic about life in general. You’ve come to hate Mondays, alcohol or other addictive behaviours are creeping in to help you numb the feelings.

You’ve become the complainer

You’ve become “That person” the complainer, you spend a large part of your day complaining about what’s happening at work. You can’t see anything positive and find yourself being negative most of the time. You hardly smile, you feel demotivated and angry. You don’t trust your colleagues and you no longer participate in office events, idea sharing or team building and if you do, it’s all a drag.

Your performance is dropping

Your work environment no longer brings out the best in you. You are not inspired by much and you only do the minimum or what is required of you. This behaviour is impacting your performance and affecting your self-esteem, outcomes and reputation. This is detrimental because it could have long term consequences, such as making it more difficult to get the next job.

If you can relate to three or more of these signs, it would strongly be suggested that you start getting in shape and making the career change by applying for a new job that suits you better.

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