Hi, I’m Tatiana Founder of Red Pencil Women

It’s my passion to grow and encourage you in your careers. It’s all about you and I want to help you see your value and worth! Whether it’s breaking through barriers of self-doubt to start your new business ventures or finding your purpose and direction in your career or as an executive. I’m here to help find the best in you!

Looking for real change in you life?

I believe in authenticity and when you connect with the power that you carry within, you have the ability to shape your world around you. It is my mission to help, guide and mentor you in becoming the best versions of yourself; personally, as a business and a career women. I am deeply passionate to help unearth the superpower you carry to succeed. By collaborating, supporting and communicating, I stand for and by women.

About Tatiana

Hi my name is Tatiana Cross and I am the Founder of Red Pencil Consulting. 

When I was a little girl, I was always entrepreneurially minded, very creative and spiritual. I sought to intertwine these worlds in an authentic way. My parents were inspirational in my upbringing, dad taught me that nothing was impossible, and that I should always reach for that which I couldn’t touch and make it a reality, if I could touch it, it would be too easy. My mum grounded me spiritually, and taught me the power and strength of God, love, truth, respect and humility.

As I ventured through life, working with both men and women, my calling and desire resided to work with women. I had to go through a journey, a tremendous journey of loss, spiritual growth, self-discovery, re-invention, incredible opportunities and eventually success. I emerged at a far different place from where I started and with a far more positive perspective on life that anyone could imagine.

I spent most of my working life in starting up new businesses, mentoring women in technology, helping young girls in becoming confident, working with orphans and helping CEO’s and entrepreneurial women understand their power and place in the corporate environment. This lead me to be chosen as the 2011 Fortune 500’s Most Power Women Mentee for South Africa. (My place of birth and growth)

Today I am  a career, business and leadership mentor, educator, speaker, and an advocate for helping women discover and navigate their personal journeys to their best selves! Prior to formally launching my mentoring business, Red Pencil Consulting, I spent over 20 years in the corporate world before being selected as the Fortune’s Most Powerful Mentee 2011 for South Africa. I offer a range of coaching, mentoring and consulting services—1 on 1 coaching, workshops, keynote speeches, with a focus on resilience, self-worth and value within the workplace, confidence and the power of authenticity. My mission is to help women live the life and have the careers and businesses that is destined for them. With a calming, powerful and spiritual approach, I empower my tribe to take ownership of their self-worth so that they are valued and respected in their chosen career and as business women.

I believe that women are the greatest natural untapped resource of this planet and every single one of us has a legend that we were born to be and live. It’s important for each one of us to live out our legends in our lifetime, right now. This is our time. This is the time to grab the microphone of our lives and take our place in the world.