Bundles Of Advice

Set your quarterly big rocks

Once a quarter, check in on the goals and strategies you’ve set in the beginning of the year. Reflect on your progress and take an hour to set your three big rocks for the next three months.

  • Write them down, make sure to keep them in front of you
  • Share your big rocks with your team, manager and department
  • Think about the actions you need to take and the responsibilities each task includes
  • Make sure that your goals and strategies are aligned to the team and how it works back with your company’s goals and strategies.
  • How will you measure the outcomes, ask yourself what specific goals you want to reach in the next three months

The Power of Self Promotion

Quote: How do you close the space between who you are and who you want to be? (Caroline McHugh)

Many women are very reluctant to use self-promotion to expand their network, they view it as self-serving. Strategy and authenticity can be used in self promotion if mixed the right way, to expand your influence and visibility while helping those around you.

How to self-promote using authenticity when networking:

  • Make sure that others understand what you do and why you’re there
  • Intentionally educate others on your value
  • When networking, build meaningful relationships where you can add value and vice versa
  • Proactively share your knowledge

Feeling invisible at work.

Are you willing to be seen? You know that you are knowledgeable in the workplace but somehow you feel invisible. Here are three strategies to use.

  • Be fully present at meetings or functions at the company. Mingle and get to know the influencers
  • Request an agenda before a meeting and prepare, speak up and make your point of view heard
  • You are important. When you see the value in your own gifts and know your topics, sit in the front row, speak up and ask high-quality questions, stand tall. Take a chance and show the world a part of you you’ve been hiding.
Career Life Moving

FREEBIE WORKBOOK - Three Steps To Get Your Career Life Moving!

The first step is a journey of self-discovery and uncluttering your life. Simplicity is one of the most valuable yet most underrated qualities you can strive to achieve. Here are a few steps to embrace to get rid of the daily clutter that is stifling you and holding you back.