We believe in authenticity and when you connect with the power that you carry within, you have the ability to shape your world around you. It is our mission to help, guide and mentor you in becoming the best versions of yourself; personally, as a business and a career woman. We are deeply passionate to help unearth the superpower you carry to succeed. By collaborating, supporting and communicating, we stand for and by women.

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What my amazing clients say!

  • Tatiana was able to help me identify and understand my strengths and values. She encouraged and guided me to use these to understand my new environment, position, vision and mission in order to reach my set goals in line with the expectations of my new role.

    Jenny Maynard Health Industry Manager
  • Tatiana has walked with me from my early days in the workplace to being one of my advisers when I founded Ping Technologies with its subsidiary Ping Academy a non-profit business that incubates innovation and uses technology to teach coding to women, children and young adults.

    Syson Kunda Founder and CEO of PingLady- Incubating innovation in Women
  • It has been such an amazing experience working with Tatiana. She is such an inspirational women, with so much knowledge to give. My Virtual Assistant business would not be where it is today without having Tatiana around. She is such a pleasure to work with.

    Kailey Miller Founder of Prairie Dream Media, Virtual Assistant


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